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Your Ruling planet Mars goes into Scorpio until 26th January and you may be experiencing a frustrating time of late, hold your horses though as things are about to change…big time. What you put in now is what you are going to be getting back come February.
Finances will have a way of sorting themselves out and you may be in for a change of career or a promotion. If you consider what you want from this year on a professional level then this is the time to do it.


Mercury has now stopped spinning and it’s an even cycle to which you would have been feeling during this last month. Communications and connecting with others will prove to be extremely beneficial during the middle of January and first half of February. Get things moving and anticipate what it is you want for the future. Do not let others push you into a corner and feel free to make the decisions that are right for you. You may experience some added pressure from loved ones around you during the month of February.


Venus in the side of Capricorn is making a harmonious link to your sun during these next two months and be mindful to consider things that are going on underneath the surface and in the background.
Now is the time to lay certain foundations for your future the longer- term prospects are more beneficial for you in the early part of 2018. Emotionally you will feel a lot more complete during this first half of the year and let yourself experience them rather than hide away. Don’t become too stubborn in the last week of January as it is not what you think. Others may prove to be a little defensive at this time. Instead, embroil yourself into your loving nature.

Your ruling planet Mercury will cause a bit of a stir in early December with your emotions and other people’s actions may cause you to speculate. Don’t rush in where angels fear to tread as in mid-January may find you with some regrets. Be good to yourself and let others be good to you.
Communications in your work will surprise you and take any opportunities that will arise as you could be in for a complete turnaround….Seek to work the way you


2018 will kick off in an unusual way for you with an emphasis on family and those that you love. Difficulties and some emotional entanglement that has been bubbling away underneath the surface will write themselves during the second week of January. Time to make changes that are important to you especially within the home. During the end of February you will be more clear as to where your loyalties lie as lots of emotions coming to the surface during the middle of February, and by the 23rd you will start to see a lot of developments in others that will allow you to follow suit.


Get ready for an extremely explosive first half of the year and make sure you concentrate on the direction that you want to go. Don’t concern yourself with what others are doing as it will all change again anyway. Give those you love the extra yard. Concerns about your professional life at this time may prove to be a challenge but you will find unexpected openings in unexpected ways. Health issues throughout February and then leading on to later in the year needs to be paid attention to at this moment which also includes getting the right headspace for you. Allow your being to connect your mind and body as well as your spirit.


Lots of challenges for Virgo during the start of 2018 but try not to get lost in other people’s negativity-it will do you no good in the long term. Give others plenty of space and consideration as those close you will be experiencing a lot of big emotional changes. The issue here is to pick yourself up from an extended period of doubt and to go forward with your feelings. The more you resist the more you will stagnate but most of all have belief in what you can achieve. The practical side of your nature will shine through during the second and third week of February and you will find that you will be busy in many different ways. Certain things that have been on your mind during the latter part of 2017 will eventually sort themselves out by the end of January 2018. Have faith have belief and carry out things you need to do, don’t put them off as only you will be coming back to deal with them during the summer of 2018.


Now going into 2018 is the time to be certain decisions need to be made some of which may be difficult but if you tackle them could leave you with a pleasant surprise. Connect with many people as you can throughout January and you will find expected openings that will allow you to discover more about yourself, others through positive relationships. On a personal level, you will be basking in the light as there will be plenty of attention. Start to ground yourself and you will find what it is you really want. Big decisions will call for your attention around the 18th to the 20th of February and don’t put them off as they will come back for your attention by the spring. Think and then act to achieve.


Changes all around you that will prove to be very beneficial for any part of that you want to take during 2018 and in the beginning half of the year, you will instinctively find that you are clearing out the clutter. Relationships will take on a very interesting dynamic during the first half of 2018 but try not to over rationalise and try not to overthink things, instead, go with your intuition and go with your understanding about your deepest self but do not leave any stone unturned.
Time to clear out the deadwood and bring in the new. Changes in your social life predominate now and you will find some difficult relationships falling by the wayside with more interesting relationships that will develop.


Interesting times ahead for you Sagittarians and now is the time to carefully consider the future as to where you want to go. Do not leave things unattended and do not let things burden you in hidden compartments of your mind because at one time or another you’re going to have to face them. You may have found in recent months that your patience is being tested to the limits now but don’t worry. Keep believing in yourself and during the first week of February all will be revealed and understood.


Forward planning and forward thinking are essential during the first two months of 2018 as of August you will be treading forward on your path. You will be reaping what you sow now. In recent months there’s been a lot of things that have tested your resolve, but keep the faith and use that Capricorn determination because the things that you are going to achieve this year are paramount. Try not to over think things but place an emphasis on areas of your life that are not working. Focus on those areas as the month of February 2018 will give you a special perspective.


Lots of directions open up for you now but there’s no need to worry as all of your hard work is about to pay off. Consistency is important for you now and this will bring about a new set of challenges but also open up to yourself as well as the others to gain a better understanding of you. You will see how things can be done in a different way. Old actions are now redundant and now there needs to be a change of emphasis on your long-term goals. The energy that you’re putting in especially in your professional life you will also find that in your emotional life things will start to develop and flower and blossom all throughout the first half of the year.


A great year is to be had in 2018. If you really focus keep hold of old values and make sure you are certain in any decisions that you make. Do not let others push you into a corner instead take time out during January and try to contemplate how you feel others feel around you. Special events around the 15th and 16 February will open your eyes and will instil a great deal of confidence. Emotions are flying everywhere but you do deserve more happiness than what you are letting yourself. Trust your instincts during the first half of the year for they will keep you safe and trust your friends to keep you moving.



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