Mama Life Magazine Astrology resident The Secret Clairvoyant gives you an insight into what lies in your stars in the months of November and December 2017.


Your Ruling planet Mars goes into Scorpio until 26th January and you may be experiencing a frustrating time of late, hold your horses though as things are about to change…big time. What you put in now is what you are going to be getting back come February.
Finances will have a way of sorting themselves out and you may be in for a change of career or a promotion. If you consider what you want from this year on a professional level then this is the time to do it.


Venus will be giving you plenty to cheer about during December and a lot of emotions will be striking a chord with you. Be brave and seek the happiness you deserve and highlight just what it is you want out of relationships because there is every reason that you will get it.
Financially you may feel you are stuck in a bit of a rut but hold on and be aware that things will get a lot better in the early part of 2018.


Your ruling planet Mercury will cause a bit of a stir in early December with your emotions and other people’s actions may cause you to speculate. Don’t rush in where angels fear to tread as in mid-January may find you with some regrets. Be good to yourself and let others be good to you.
Communications in your work will surprise you and take any opportunities that will arise as you could be in for a complete turnaround….Seek to work the way you


The full Moon is on the 3rd of December in Gemini will push you in the focal point with your friends and colleagues and by the 18th you may feel exhausted…Don’t shy away during December as you may miss some great new friendships.
Events within the home will be really special at this time and up to 17th January you will have a lot to consider…changes are paramount now and again don’t shy away from things that are emerging.


Those born in late August will be having a lot to consider in every aspect of their lives and important decisions will be to the fore. There is a lot to consider for you now and tackle things head on. Importantly don’t let others take advantage.
The heartstrings will be tugging and you may find that you are unsure of where you stand, look to what your heart is telling you


You begin December with a lot on your plate, consider this but don’t over analyse things and get confused. Having a difficult time with others? Then just step back now. You may find that health is important during January and make sure you don’t backtrack on advances you have made.
Emotionally you will find that you can start to…breathe, so do and relax. If you have a lot of pent-up energy then find a way to utilise it.


The world needs you Librans as you are the life and soul of the party, your ability to bring people together is refreshing. In demand, you will be, so set time aside even though you may not have felt it in previous months.
Emotionally what is happening now is in reflection of your finances…You will have important decisions to make. Unusually you will want to shy away but don’t tackle things head on and make the most of it, because if you don’t then by the 17th January you may be regretting it. Stay strong.


Jupiter in your sign is paving the way for some new and refreshing changes in your life and you will be up for it. Money and career getting you down? Try not to over analyse things and put things in perspective, you’re over-analytical mind may be a hindrance if you are not careful. Now is the time to be flexible.
Emotionally expect some unusual encounters and when you find them you may have your heartstrings pulled in different directions. Use your wisdom and believe…


It has been rather restricting of late and you may feel the need to branch out and spread your wings in all areas of life. From emotions to travel to your career what is happening with all is going to be paramount on the larger scale of things. Trust yourself at this time.
Relationships are key during the end of December and there will be some secret admirers waiting in the wings, enjoy but think about the bigger picture.


What a year 2017 has been with slow progress on all accounts, you have to believe now and put your head down for the duration for things to pan out. Financially you don’t know how you are managing to keep your head above water, but you are. Success for you will lead to some unexpected developments…
Relationships are key at the moment to your wellbeing and there is some great advances that are made during January for this will be a magical month.


What a strange end to the year you are going to have! Expect the unexpected…People, places and a positive outlook will see you through. You have to acknowledge the things that you are achieving which may not feel like it but sooner rather than later you will see this.
Appeal to those you love and embrace new friendships as they are going to prove important during the whole of January, don’t become too independent as this will get in your way. On the larger scale of things what you put in now is what you are going to be getting back, and that will be positive.


As of December and throughout January your feelings will be tested but you do have the insight to change things. Use your intuition and go with what feels right because there are some wonderful encounters especially in December.
Unsure of how you feel? Well, observe what you are being shown from loved ones and trust in them to keep you moving. January will be the time to clear out of the emotional clutter.



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