Barlow’s Book Reviews

September 18, 2017 Christie Barlow 0

Book Reviews by Author Christie Barlow The best Autumn reads as recommended by our resident bookworm Can you believe September is upon us already? Let me tell you how to escape from the grey drizzly [Read More]


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June 14, 2017 admin 0

FLOGA WITH FLOSSIE Author – Jude Lenon “Floga with Flossie – what is that?”“Come to the field and see. Don’t forget your gym kit. I’ll see you there at three.” Join Flossie and her friends [Read More]


What’s Your Story?

April 10, 2017 Susan Miller 0

‘We’ve talked about becoming an author. Now, what does it take to self-publish your book? You can easily have a paperback or an e-book, or both. In this issue, we’ll look at publishing a paperback, [Read More]


BARLOW’S Book Reviews

April 10, 2017 Christie Barlow 0

WHERE THE DEAD WALK John Bowen Kate Bennett may present a paranormal investigation TV show, but she’s not seen much to dent her scepticism, until she’s drawn to a building that holds secrets from her [Read More]



February 12, 2017 Susan Miller 0

Becoming a self-published author ‘Everyone’s got a book in them’, is a familiar phrase I hear. It just depends if you want to write it down. People write a book for so many different reasons [Read More]