April 11, 2017 Sue Ahmet 0

Many dog owners are unaware that a few common products can actually be beneficial to their dogs in the form of natural remedies for ailments and therefore saving on unnecessary veterinary costs. Coconut Oil This [Read More]



April 11, 2017 Jenny Bracelin 0

People dream occasionally, about inheriting millions from a long lost relative… To pay off mortgages or debts accumulated. To fund school fees or to live the millionaire lifestyle. But have you ever stopped to think [Read More]

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What’s Your Story?

April 10, 2017 Susan Miller 0

‘We’ve talked about becoming an author. Now, what does it take to self-publish your book? You can easily have a paperback or an e-book, or both. In this issue, we’ll look at publishing a paperback, [Read More]


BARLOW’S Book Reviews

April 10, 2017 Christie Barlow 0

WHERE THE DEAD WALK John Bowen Kate Bennett may present a paranormal investigation TV show, but she’s not seen much to dent her scepticism, until she’s drawn to a building that holds secrets from her [Read More]