Astrology March / April 2022

By The Secret Clairvoyant


Lots seem to be happening behind the scenes and will do throughout the early part of the year. April however will herald a new beginning where you will find new doors opening for you personally. Be aware of what area of life you want to be going forward in, especially with the emphasis on events happening in August. Time has been somewhat of an illusion over the last six months and for the next six months, you will start to be facing a new reality. Hold on while life starts to untangle and gets interesting.


The month of March will feel unpredictable because in all fairness it has been for you of late and to anticipate where the next problem will arise will stand you in good stead for the rest of the year. However, do not resign yourself without trying otherwise you will miss unexpected opportunities that surface around the end of April. Influences around the 13th of April will help and you are not too far away from making the progress and changes that you have been waiting for.

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Try to get through March with as little stress as you can, as it is time to focus on your wellbeing. The mind is a very powerful thing and as a sign ruled by the communicative Mercury you will always need to be invigorated and inspired. Look at the things that have become ‘tired’ in your life and start to freshen it up a little as life is for living, not just existing. April will require you to clear out the old and bring in the new however you need to tie those official loose ends before the April new moon on the 30th. The end of that month has the potential to be spectacular….


Something has cleared and events will start to be defined all reaching a conclusion by the month of May so it is imperative to get your house in order. Pay close attention to small details both in written form and on a practical level as there will be defining new adventures for you over the last remaining months of this year. Make plans big as you will find a potential in many unexpected forms. Your professional life starts to take a real leap forward at the end of April.


The Leo heart is never too big even though it will feel like bursting in the first half of 2022. The sun is never too far away from your sign and like the Lion, you find your inner strength that will reignite your passions again. There has been too much emphasis on an overload with work areas of your life and at the end of April, you will make some life-changing decisions. The advice here is go with your instinct but above all go with all of your heart.


Detail is an interesting concept and you Virgos are very good at paying attention to it, especially if it is from a remote position. Inwardly and on close inspection of yourself there is always an element of harsh self-critique that leads to worry and then more worry. You can be your own worst critic at the best of times so now during March and April the message is very clear….step back and look at just what you have achieved in the face of adversity. Ditch the worry and create space for other things in your life. Look out for big advancements on the 3rd, 12th and 29th April.


The balance in your life has almost prevailed during the last few months but just when you feel like you are achieving it you will feel like it slips away just as fast. This is an illusion and now is the time to tease out the negativity, especially within others’ own conflicts. Loved ones and time will be at odds over the next few months so be aware of how you spend your time. Like Pandora’s box the last item left was hope and soon the planets will be dancing almost to your tune but only if you hit the right note.


The intensity of other people’s lives may feel overwhelming of late and in many ways, you may be at a loss at what to do or how to do it. Taking a step back can be just as helpful as stepping in but stepping up is certainly a must, especially now. The element of Pluto as your ruler helps as you understand more than most the importance of a psychological balance and integrity. April will leave you with plenty to do but in doing so put yourself first before you pander to others’ needs because their needs might not be what is needed. Finding things out is just as important as finding things…but it depends on what those things are.


Do not stop now…. Keep going and soon you won’t be looking back. The stress and sheer hard work you have endured over the last year has been nothing short of remarkable and although you might be feeling just at the end of your tether hold your breath and don’t react as others may do. It’s time to assess just what is important in yours and others’ lives right now as the summer months ahead will herald a new dawn with plenty of newfound wonders. You just need the energy to appreciate what you’re going to be finding. And…. breathe.


Contemplation in action is the key for you now. Planning and structure will come naturally to you as the mountain goat and the natural air of caution keeps your feet firmly on the ground. April through to June could well be a powerhouse of moving further ahead in all aspects of your life so use these gifts wisely. Romantically and emotionally, you will find a massive key that will unlock certain barriers you have experienced from way back in 2016, albeit consciously or subconsciously, so be sure to enjoy the passion that’s headed your way.


Psychologically you could well be right where you want to be during March so consider your time wisely now. Understanding new concepts and the creation of unique ideas are part of your makeup but sometimes we get stuck in the past and old ideas are hard to let go of. Time to shift old thinking and add to what you already know. A great time for learning and understanding yourself deeper as will others do also. Great expectations all throughout April and into May.


Instinct, intuition, and the land of dreams are things that come naturally to you Pisceans. Indeed a dream to some…a nightmare to others. Stepping back now from illusions and finding the reality will benefit you, particularly now going into 2022. Letting things go in order to create space will be an instinct these next few months but before you know it time will have caught up so keep your eye on just how you are spending it. In April it will be all about the timing.

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