Astrology January / February 2022

By The Secret Clairvoyant


Starting the new year and going into 2022 will make you carefully assess all that is dear to you and in certain cases, re-evaluate just where your loyalties lie. Expecting the unexpected during January will stand you in good stead and on an even footing especially when dealing with emotions on any level. Don’t let frustrations blind you from the reality in late January as a measured approach will mean that you will be able to articulate just what it is you need and want to say.


It might feel like the gods are shaking your world up now and making things feel a little unsure and uncertain, and that is because to some extent they are. Change will be the common footnote during the first half of the new year that will conflict with your Taurean nature of the need for stability. It’s all for a very good reason and as you will see it’s all about the journey and not so much the destination. What you can’t see is that there are some truly wonderful breakthroughs heading your way in these next few months, starting with January’s full moon on the 17th that will be highlighting your career.

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The onward motion of Saturn and Mercury during the latter part of January will help you bring into line the areas that you can focus on in order to bring about much-needed change. Indeed, shifting sands will place certain things behind you and show you what you have been missing, so look to the 17th of January for unusual signs. There will be a big emphasis on material possessions and finance during February so be cautious with the pennies from the 3rd – 8th. Try looking further ahead rather than the short term as by March you will be making great strides forward in very unexpected ways.


January and February are the months that are going to lay a certain foundation to your professional life and there will be some exciting developments during the latter part of January. It will call you to be brave and strong and, in many ways, address certain fears. There is nothing that you can’t achieve in 2022 and the work you put in early March will prove to be more than beneficial. So alas, February will require you to put your house in order in preparation for an exciting summer. Emotionally, you are better than where you think you are…all you have to do is believe in yourself and others will too.


Vitality is the key during January and into February. Wellbeing is also in the mind as well as in the body and in late February the spiritual element will come into it. Be careful of others cutting corners in working with you as you will only be making good by treading your own path in your own blueprint. Ignore the negativity that might be around during February and head for the light. It will be essential to get things moving between 13th – 19th February as there will be unexpected opportunities on the February full moon of the 16th in your sign. Events around this date are going to be pivotal and people you work with (or don’t) will be re-shuffling, especially in responsibility. You may find that you will be taking a great leap…only upwards and onwards. Emotionally there are hidden messages everywhere but only if you can see them as on the very last day of February there could be a dramatic turn of events.


Time to let the worries take a back seat and let the world around you stop. All it takes is a moment to stand still and actually see what’s going on and when you do, around the 21st January, you might be in for a surprise. February will be the time to put yourself first and let others take care of themselves. Trying to strive for perfection in your endeavours? Well try for once not to and you will soon realise that perfection, like beauty, lies within imperfection. If you can keep your head while all around, others lose theirs you will see what you have always known, that you can achieve anything only if you want to. Go find yourself, and enjoy it!


Your true sign of the zodiac in ancient times was the Swan (Cygnus) and Swans emotionally pair up for life. They are beautiful creatures, and it is in finding your inner beauty that you are going to find a balance of happiness. Over the last two years you may have felt crammed in, unable to breathe and a fear of being constricted, now from 17th January you will feel very different indeed. However, February might see you going back and forth even if only in your mind but the new moon on the 1st February will bring about the need for certainty and clarity. Time to ask the question of what or if anyone is stopping you from being who you are? Even if it is yourself.


Your Scorpio mind is a very powerful thing indeed and you have the innate ability to have a certain x-ray vision, which at times allows you to get to the very bottom of things. However, it’s easy from time to time to get too involved with the detail than the overall picture, and in February and during the new moon on the 1st and the full moon on the 16th there is to be a real awakening of sorts. Time to get rid of the old and bring in the new as loved ones around you might feel they have been ‘Plutoed’, meaning they are going through dramatic underlying sweeping changes. You will find a sense of relief particularly going into March.


Wow, it’s all about to get very interesting indeed for you and in particular during the transits of
January at the very beginning of 2022. A combination of astrological factors that is going to place a direct emphasis upon value, not only material value but also a wealth of emotional and to some extent, some deeper spiritual insights into yourself. There is a wonderful opportunity to discover your abilities (which have been under revision during the latter part of 2021) and realise just how great you are. February is the time to take great strides forwards in your career and home as the two will come together and you will be finding your pace. You are about to take off and come into your own and everything you have been doing since the autumn is about to pay off. Remember you have worked hard for this so don’t let others tell you otherwise because they have a lot of catching up to do to get to where you are about to arrive.


Saturn, your ruling planet, is all about overcoming obstacles, restrictions and understanding our parameters. You have carefully placed yourself for the last three years in line for long term goals and behind the scenes you have been quietly putting the pieces in place. You have had to understand and manage your time and put others first, perhaps out of love. But now during the first two months of the year it will be time to start loving yourself and getting yourself equipped for a truly tremendous year ahead. In your work there are going to be no limits as to what you can achieve but it’s all in the belief and the passion.


For the last seven months life has had a very different dynamic and as you know it’s been a hell of a journey to get here. Sometimes we can find ourselves in a place we have known before, yet not seen the obvious at that time. Endurance has been the key and it has tested your wits, but it has enabled you to get much further than you realise. Be sure to take time to have a look and enjoy it. There are three goals that you will be able to achieve during this year, two will be personal and the other will benefit you emotionally in ways you cannot imagine. The stage is set, the curtain rises, now you can finally begin.


Neptune, your ruling planet, has had a major influence during the last year and it may have felt like you were in the paradox of Alice in Wonderland, where distinguishing between reality and illusion has been a struggle. Trying to catch smoke with your bare hands is almost an impossible endeavour so don’t waste your time trying. That is the emphasis during mid-January – to sort out where you need to direct your energies. You are in for a very special first half of 2022 if you can align all that you need to and not get caught up in what (or who) is wasting your time. Make your time your own and let others make theirs.

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