Astrology May/June 2022

By The Secret Clairvoyant


Entering the Spring season sees you with a few challenges to put in order before the midpoint of the year in June. It is time to place your feet firmly on the ground and pursue all avenues that need finishing. A problem during the first part of the year has been to get focused as the magic of Neptune will soon start to influence your sign. It is important to get all things sorted before this time otherwise major opportunities could pass you by. Do what it takes and believe in yourself as you will have nothing to lose after the Full Moon in Scorpio and its Lunar eclipse.


Taureans will know no bounds, yet others may call it being stubborn. It is understanding the concept of time that will see you through into the high summer and then it is time to truly flourish. During June and July, you will see significant development in your professional life that could lead to a celebration, and you are certainly advised to reap what you have sown over the last year. Change is never a simple task in the world of the bull but if you can keep your head while all around you lose theirs then you are on the right track. June calls for patience but determination.

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Communication and expression are the bread and butter of your sign and entering into the months of May and June respectively will see you having to juggle more than enough within different but powerful areas of your life. You might have a bit of soul searching to do in the latter stages of May which could well be more insightful than you realise. Everything links and in June there will be more than one unexpected reconnection with the distant past. Like Janus, look over your shoulder and at what is around you but then look….forward.
Emotionally, June has the potential to be very rewarding and all your efforts during the past six months will bring in a few surprises. Remember, what you put in is what you get out so prudence could be a useful component.


Time to be working behind the scenes during May and into June. Let no stone be unturned and start to configure your mind into tying up loose ends and finishing all that can be finished. Remember, unless you can make space then there is no room to fill it and in sorting these issues you let yourself breathe in order to take the next step. The danger is anything left unresolved can and will unnecessarily eat at your mind in the months to come so you might as well seek closure. Later June will bring a lot of pleasure and anything or anybody that is not fitting into your current vision and scope needs to move aside, and let you move through.


The magnitude of the Lion that is your sign always shows an inner strength of will and determination and in the next few months you will need to call on your reserves to steer your way through the obstacles that may come your way. You have done all that you can and now it is time to do all that you want so putting yourself first is a must during this time. June is not a time for cutting corners nor is it time to let things go without a thought as it is safe to say that you in reality are not constrained by time but rather constrained by others’ perception of it. June is the time for you to shine through.


May will bring a time for practical and analytical thinking as you are about to embark on a real thought-provoking journey. There will be lots of developments during the course of the spring that will demand your time on all levels so be wise to how you use your time and then evaluate your levels of success. Don’t waste time evaluating where you are at while you are still sorting through the mire, rather go with any flow that is going to get you moving. Indeed, those we love we entrust to help us keep moving in the right direction, so take a good look in June to see who is with you and who is not. June will be very revealing to you in many unusual ways.


Everything and everyone is about to be revealed in your life that truly matters and you will have a lot to ponder and think about in the upcoming months. Soon, later in the year it will be your time to shine but before then it will be important to keep a balance of what is real and what is not. Watch for the actions of work colleagues or clients during May as there will be unexpected advances just around the corner and lots of change will follow in your professional life. Certain elements of change are called for now and it’s time to ditch what is not working in order to have a sense of peace of mind. It doesn’t matter if your objectives are not clear as they will be after June. Hold on to your hat.


Waves of intensity have followed you for over a year now and it is all about to even out. No longer will you feel under an invisible force, but you will start to feel a new sense of freedom. Focus is what you do well and in June into July you will need plenty of it as everything will be about to change. Loved ones will need your reassurance during May and into the rest of the year so don’t be swayed if you feel you can’t see the outcome (s) rather trust in your instinct about what is right for you. Keep a tight rein on any finances as you will be tempted into making unsound investments during the spring months, all you need is the right moment to happen at the right time and all will be clear.


Life is never dull with you and with those around you. You may feel that entering May and into the spring is a bit daunting and you probably feel pretty exhausted from the activities stretching back from last November. It has been nonstop and relentless, but it has been all for a reason and that reason will start to come into season once you get through June. In these first months of the summer try your best to get ahead or at least on a level after catching up. Continuity is now the key and to see commitments through until the end of the year – you have very big and pleasant surprises in store so keep on running..


Now that Saturn, your ruling planet, has settled in Aquarius you are on course to make substantial gains which will open up after two years of caution. You will feel a certain freedom even from yourself and know that you, the mythical beast of the zodiac, is about to be able to use those magical elements. Things during May and June will start to show you a real advance in what you are wanting to achieve, what you are doing and just what you are about. It’s time to shed old habits and old ways of thinking and it’s time to step up and get the success you actually deserve.


Saturn is moving along nicely in your chart and now that it is settling, you know that you are in for a long journey. This journey may seem to go quite far ahead but it is part of a bigger picture that encompasses your personal life as well as your professional life. For some time now if you have been really looking then you would have undergone a very significant transformation (and still are) from which you have learned a great deal. Within this learning comes a sense of wisdom that cannot be taught, so listen to your own inner voice now and start to pick up where you have left off. It is no mean feat just what you have undertaken and gone through and the challenges it has brought out into the open. You have a truly wonderful year ahead and you should know no bounds in what you want to achieve and just what you are about to. In June you will find more than one unexpected celebration around the corner.


Neptune, your ruling planet, is well on its way through your sign and on the one hand you understand it and what it’s about while on the other it does your head in! You are not losing the plot nor are you within any kind of Midsummer Night’s Dream. What you are is slowly making sense of the last few years and are about to finally get some perspective. For an instant during May the veil will drop, and you will see the real picture for yourself and those around you. Now Neptune is moving along you can start to actually move in the right direction if you so wish and will be able to make those decisions that have been eluding you for a while. Look for true otherworldly inspiration over the spring as the magical elements start to get back in sync.

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