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Don’t be surprised if you feel a little anxious during March and into the beginning of April as there is planetary conflict in the heavens.
Bang in the middle of March you will encounter an inner conflict so be wary around the 15th to the 18th of the month and avoid hasty actions. A few surprises are in store at the start of April onwards and there is a certain progression that your life will take. You need to make wise choices and give plenty of thought. Others will seem confused and maybe go back over emotional elements from the end of last year…don’t react but keep your head up.


Communication is paramount during the first half of March and you will need to get out there as much as you can. Think on your feet and be quick about it otherwise a big opportunity may be missed. Believe in yourself and others as from around the 16th -20th March there is clarity of thought. Ideas and opportunities will arise in many unexpected ways, so be prepared for all that comes your way and make yourself shine


The gods are smiling upon you for most of this year although you will have to wait until July to see a sign of what is certain for you. Big decisions will need to be made right from the start of March. Change is required and you are not good at that due to feeling insecure when you don’t know what’s what. Insight and faith in yourself is what you need right now as opposed to what you want…Reach out you will find you can touch it…Turn yourself around and look at what is around you and ask just what it is you want. Have faith all will be revealed in April.


Fear is a strong emotion and this is something you will have to conquer during March. The mind is getting settled for you now to make a transition in major parts of your life and you need to realise how you really feel at this time. Time to take stock and re-evaluate what is important in your life now but don’t dwell on the past because you cannot change. Listen well as April is screaming at you to make a difference…Check all around you and make sure it is real.


Use your heart well during March and entrust yourself to others who know you well. Don’t be afraid of what is around the corner as you can sense change which may prove to be challenging. To be prepared is wise especially in April. Take your time on understanding certain situations and think before you make a life-changing direction within the home. Remember you only have things to prove to yourself and nobody else, so be true.
Make a stand and stand tall


Nagging feelings all around at the moment? Be cautious and don’t let worry prevail over your actions as there is a danger. Well, don’t let them subdue you into areas in which you are not happy or comfortable. It is the long term you need to consider and not the short. Lots of connections with others outside your immediate circles will prove crucial right now. Don’t delay get out there and let others know you are around. There might be
things that will need particular attention to in these next coming months especially when it comes to detail.


The need to relate on a personal level is very much on the agenda into March and April. Deep-rooted feelings will leave you feeling a little helpless but don’t worry as there is an answer heading your way in the third week of April. Strong outbursts from others in late April comes as a surprise and there are many revelations that you will be dealing with. Others might be getting the wrong end of


Don’t overdo everything including just what you are not doing. Think ahead and prepare for professional challenges that are heading your way. What you do now in work /career could have prosperous outcomes that will herald a new era later in the year and a very clear direction will be obvious into April. Be careful to listen to family and those that you love as their voices may not be heard. They may be experiencing a tough time and you
can be the voice of reason


New paths and opportunities are around the corner but you need to be able to manage your time. It is essential now to be organised as you can and if you sense that you are not then you have the power to change it. By the end of April, you will know for certain where you are heading. If you are having doubts about your career then it is the long term you need to aim for. You must take clear and concise steps forward now and not leave it
until later. Certain opportunities will appear in the coming months you just need to take
one step at a time.


The gods of fortune now smile upon you and you will be rewarded plenty which will help your bank balance healthy, but be aware not to fritter away all that you have earned. Emotionally tough decisions you have had to make over the first months of the year already, and you need to tread cautiously within relationships. Take care not to entrust your heart to those you do not really know.


Your mind may feel at its wit’s end of late but do not stress too much unnecessarily over trivial things as you may lose the grounding you have been working so hard for. Financially there is work to do to steady the ship but this must be a gradual process so do not rush into hasty decisions in any way. Others may pose a danger of bringing you into emotional entanglements that are far from easy, with a real danger of illusion. Romantic
connotations bring much fortune in love but learn to look deeply into your own heart to understands others


Like the sign of the fish and its tails make sure you are not heading in different directions in important endeavours. Get in touch with your feelings and be honest about them but don’t get carried away with the ebb and flow of powerful emotions that are around you now. You need to be true to yourself as well as others you care about. Money is coming through sheer hard work but don’t fritter it away


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