How to Attract MONEY

Let’s start with Christmas.

What do you think about Christmas?

Are you excitedly looking forward to decorating the tree with lights and baubles? Seeing family you have missed during the year and sharing food and laughing with them? Maybe you are thinking of crowded shops, endless presents to buy and wrap. A tiring drain, on your money, finances and energy, you could do without?

Are you are thinking about Christmas now? What does yours look like? What thoughts and feelings do you have, just thinking about Christmas?

It is weeks away, yet you are having those thoughts and feelings right now. Before you realise, you will start taking relevant actions, like phoning family or moaning about the cost of everything! If you keep replaying this in your mind, the more vividly the better, positively or negatively, you are attracting YOUR Christmas!

We do the same with money.

Our thoughts and feelings shape our experience with money. When we are feeling exceptionally positive, anything is possible.

Most people have a mixture of beliefs about money. The belief “There is always enough” will give you what you need.

My clients’ favourite “I want more money” so often results in finding a penny on the pavement. Probably not what they were hoping for! I once asked an incredibly wealthy woman what she thought
about money. “Money is fabulous,” she said with great enthusiasm. The attitude is more likely to have attracted the money, than the other way around.

Feeling genuinely positive about money will attract it.

Today, there are so many ways to find that positivity and attract money. Visualising, Meditating,  Affirmations, Creating Intentions, Displayed Goals and Vision boards are all popular.

Visualising yourself in high definition, wide screen with enhanced colour and sound, every night before you go to bed is an effective way to attracting money. Keep it positive, in the present tense and then notice and follow up the opportunities as they arise.

Appreciating what you already have in your life is an easy daily activity, which brings positivity, as is helping others.

What to do when you get stuck?

Occasionally, you have beliefs from the past or attitudes that stop you feeling positive. They can be welcomed as clearing these will attract more money.

There are 4 options to clear these – physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Choose the one you prefer, set your intention or goal to clear the block and pick a corresponding
activity. Anything you like!

Some examples include dancing to release physical blocks, weepy films are great for emotional blocks. Writing in a journal works well for mental blocks and spiritual practices can work for all of them. A good therapist, complementary therapist, or coach can work on all levels too – providing they don’t have their own money issues!

As it is Christmas, rather than a letter to Santa…why not write to money instead, with the view of forgiving the past and creating a new relationship to attract money in the future.
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