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Share the Conversation

August 14, 2018 Susan Leigh 0

Share the Conversation. It’s not all about YOU We all know people who are so self-absorbed that, no matter what the conversation is about, will turn it back to themselves. We could be talking about [Read More]

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March 13, 2018 Susan Leigh 0

Are FRIENDS BAD for YOU? How many of us refer to practically everyone we know as friends? We may thrive on being popular, enthusiastically accumulate lots of introductions, have hundreds of contacts on our phones [Read More]

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Let the FESTIVITIES begin

December 12, 2017 Susan Leigh 0

Let the FESTIVITIES begin The run-up to Christmas and all its festivities seems to begin earlier each year and we can gradually see its message of love and family celebration being lost under the deluge of [Read More]


Guilt and the Pet Owner

June 16, 2017 Susan Leigh 0

Guilt and the Pet Owner Here I am again, once more in the terrible situation of having to decide whether or not to euthanize one of my beloved animals. This time it’s one of my [Read More]

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Work Life Balance

June 12, 2017 Susan Leigh 0

Work Life Balance How is it possible to achieve any semblance of work/life balance when we’re leading such busy, full on lives, perhaps managing insistent clients or bosses, caring for children, elderly or ailing family [Read More]