Would you like a dog who…

Has a better immune system & less health issues
Costs less in vet bills
Has a lot less waste for you to clean up
Has a super glossy coat and sparkling teeth
Really enjoys his/her food
Smells better and doesn’t gas you out of your own home
Is less hyper and more content

The government is pushing parents to give children less processed foods, it is no different for dogs.Do you recognise or understand any of the ingredients listed in your dog’s food?
With RAW FOOD it’s you in charge!

40% of dogs are obese …
46% of dogs and 39% of cats now die of cancer…
Heart, kidney and liver disease are epidemic…

We are more passionate than ever about what we feed our dogs and with good reason. A good diet can contribute to not only a long and healthy life but
psychological well-being as well. The biggest challenge is deciding what is the best diet to feed our domesticated carnivores and much-loved family members.

A raw based diet is an approach that has grown in popularity recently. It is a biologically appropriate method of feeding for carnivores using raw meat and bones.
The intense heat used to process commercial pet foods diminishes and destroys the benefits of vitamins, mineral and enzymes. Supplementation is therefore required to replace lost nutrients.
The process also significantly reduces the digestibility of amino acids in feeds.

Raw feeding goes back to the historical diets of dogs and their wolf ancestors. It is clearly evident that they are carnivores. Their teeth, gut and digestive physiology strongly support this. Dogs have hinged,
powerful jaws along with canines and shaped carnassial teeth for the ripping and tearing of flesh and crushing of bones. Carnivores are capable of consuming large amounts of high protein food in a short time for fast digestion and rapid absorption of nutrients.

The benefits of feeding a raw diet are noticeable within weeks of the transition. This includes

• Sparkling teeth, healthy gums, fresher breath
• Smaller, well-formed stools, with little or no odour
• Shinier coats with less matting, and less body odour
• Fewer skin allergies
• Fewer parasites, such as fleas
• Stronger immune systems — less money spent at the vet’s
• Improved mental and physical well-being

At Natural Dogs Direct we care about your dogs.
We can offer advice ranging from new transitions to the fussiest of canines. Come and see us with your dogs for a free raw feeding consultation and let us help you build a customized diet for your best friend!


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