Mindset is what you need to have to follow through on your life choices, which includes the way you look at food, training and business. 

Let’s start with what I class as the most important thing about body transformation, which is MINDSET. It’s above food or training, although they play a high importance. Mindset is what you need to have to follow through on your life choices, which includes the way you look at food, training and business.

Did you notice I used the term ‘body transformation’ above, not ‘weight loss’? The latter projects negativity. Get yourself a pen and some paper and write down your thoughts associated with ‘weight loss’. Do they include weighing scales, dieting, not being able to go out on a ladies’ night and enjoy a couple of glasses of wine?

Weight loss won’t happen if you’re thinking of the scales with, ‘I must weigh myself at the end of the week’, just so you can watch your weight fluctuate up and down over the forthcoming weeks. Let’s remove those scales and the need to know if you have ‘lost weight’, and instead
introduce how your clothes feel.

Don’t become a slave to the scales, they are not your friend!

‘Diet’ is another word with negative connotations. How many diets have you broken when trying to lose weight, or lost weight only to put it back on again (and extra)? Put your hand up. To transform yourself, you need to eat normal food, exercise and stay mobile…all of those in good moderation. Yes, that includes having pudding, a glass of wine or a bowl of chips as a treat in moderation, not following someone else’s idea on how to lose weight. Food is our fuel supply, so eating little food won’t help you to transform, neither will the consumption of poor quality fuel.

Mindset also comes down to the peer groups that you surround yourself with. Some will support, some will seem to support and those who will not give you any support and derail your goals. It is important to believe in your goals and count on those people who will encourage you.

Mindset is a large area to cover, and in future issues, I will address other aspects of it. Here are some important transformation guidelines to get you started.

Don’t get attached to the negative words that are set upon us

Don’t get attached to those evil liars called ‘scales’ and trust your clothes

Live life sensibly and healthily, don’t live life regretting your choices

Trust yourself and your closest supporters, but more importantly acknowledge every little goal of your transformation

And finally, if you mess up, remember tomorrow is another day to get back on track

Remember this is your goal, and you can reach that destination.

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