In the changing society in that we live, with people living longer, new technology and medical advances in both medicine and aesthetics, it is more acceptable for people, men and women to want to look great into their future, where their beauty is preserved. It is the best compliment for people to say “ you look great, you look so fresh, you look so well” rather than “ have you had botox, have you had treatments”? This is my aim, to create this natural look and give clients confidence and sometimes life-changing results. To help someone feel better about themselves is such a great feeling.

Botox relaxes the muscles and comes in a liquid form and once diluted it is injected into the muscle to relax the region over the next 10 days. Fillers are a liquid gel, they plump and fill an area to add volume, fillers give instant results. Botox lasts approx 12 weeks and fillers last 12 months. It’s that simple!!

Botox relaxes and fillers fill

aesthetics, botox, fillers

Each client will be different and have different needs yet we all generally want to look young and natural looking, product choice then is essential for this process. RHA is used widely to treat mobile areas of the face such as perioral areas, lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds, forehead and crow’s feet. It is essential to recognise that the dynamic facial movements are what makes us attractive,
therefore we do not want to change this. Being artistic in nature and having a passion for beauty is what has made me successful in creating some great results and still allowing the client to have their own identity and charm with the characteristics of their facial expressions preserved throughout even with the introduction of fillers and products to simply add life and fresh, youthfulness.

Teoysal products are a favoured product specifically for the cross-linking gels. Cross-linking is where a liquid gel is transformed to a viscoelastic gel. They are specifically designed to fill wrinkles and lines correcting the facial oval and increasing lips volume. They last for 6 – 18 months depending on the products. These products have the ability to support the skin in its movements, helping to preserve vitality and soften the face as a whole. Hyaluronic acid retains water like a sponge to help keep skin soft and firm. Injected in the right places fillers can support cutaneous tissues and return lost elasticity regaining tone and giving life to your skin. Using a great product that will move with the skin. Movements that we want to keep are our personality movements such as laughing and smiling. Using such products and placing this in an artistic way will create and the illusion of youth with a natural effect. As we age the skin gets drier, thinner and fragile with decreasing elasticity.

Fillers are used for fine lines, loss of volume, wrinkles and lips. They are successfully able to treat scars and replace the loss of tissue mass and collagen to plump the skin. They are hyaluronic acid, collagen and calcium hydroxyapatite. They can be synthetic and natural. Calcium hydroxyapatite is found naturally in bones and mineral compounds. Fillers can be used for areas such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines. No animal products are in this product and as they don’t migrate they have rare side effects yet can improve skin contours and scars. High concentration of hyaluronic acid is found in boggy soft connective beads. People ask how long these will last and it depends on the individual but on average 12-18 months. It is significant where the filler is injected and the quantity injected, I would always start with a lower quantity and build up if needed, this also would be cost-effective and also the risks of any side effects and unwanted over filling.

Aftercare is really important. No lying down for a few hours after, no makeup to prevent infection immediately after, avoid alcohol that evening to prevent thinning and bruising. Avoid sunbeds and saunas and steam for two weeks. You should practice facial expressions after to spread the lotion into the muscles required evenly, ice to be applied if needed. Massage of the filler is required should a lump appear and ice immediately after if needed, not directly onto the skin. It is best to avoid vitamin E and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen and Naproxen) to prevent bruising.

Anti-ageing (btx) works by releasing a neurotransmitter from motor nerve terminals to relax the injected muscle. It is used to soften lines and hence create a youthful appearance. The lines which we can see without actual movement are called static lines and can be softened with an anti-ageing solution to the region, they may not go entirely but will certainly soften. Nowadays younger
people are treating themselves as a proactive measure to prevent the static lines in the first instance.

Part of the consultation for aesthetics is defining what the client really does not like and how they would like to look and feel. It is significant to look at the skin and the consultation as a holistic

Skincare is a significant part of the anti-ageing consultation and understanding the client and how they have aged is a process of elimination. It may be sun damage, thickening if the dermis causing a disruption to the collagen and pigmentation changes. Smoking can also be associated this decreased capillary blood flow, lip lines, reduced elastic, crow’s feet and muscle movement repeatedly causing facial expressions such as smiling and frowning.

As we age our bones change shake and fork and we lose fat volume causing gravitational changes. The consultation process takes lifestyle into consideration and recommendations for future
skin protection such as vitamin a, b, c, e and antioxidants, plenty of water and exercise together with healthy eating are key to maintain healthy skin. You may have small hives as the injection has been placed in specific muscles. These will settle after ten minutes at least. You may have a small bruise but that will also go and this will be very superficial. At day 3 the drug will be out of your body and up to ten days from injection your results will still be working hard to create the muscle relaxant. Day three your areas will feel tighter and more difficult to move (stiffening). After ten days of “cooking” as we call this process, your skin will be smoother, softer and relaxed with static lines reduced.

People may ring me at day 5 with no results yet the very next day it is cooked. The results will last up to 12 weeks approximately and depend on the individual. If a small top up is required we will know after ten days. The half-life of btx is 6 weeks therefore by 11 – 12 weeks the movements where injected will start to return.

Side effects to the btx (azzalure, boccuture are the main products I use) are rare, yet can include a slight headache, reaction at the site of injection, for example, redness, swelling, irritation, rash, itching, bruising and stinging but the reactions are mild.

aesthetics, botox, fillers

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