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The SMEAR of Life

June 12, 2017 Alex Sullivan 0

The SMEAR of Life I spend a great deal of my day-to-day professional career reacting to incidents and “fire fighting” due to people making choices that result in ill health and wellbeing. Cervical Screening being [Read More]


Living with a Disability

June 12, 2017 Louise Jensen 0

Living with a Disability It took a long time for me to feel comfortable with myself. My teens had passed in a blur of self-loathing regarding my body (tape measure, thighs and many tears; need [Read More]

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Eating Disorders

December 20, 2016 Alex Sullivan 0

Eating Disorders In Children and Teens From the moment we find out that we are pregnant, we are bombarded with the should’s and should not’s of nutrition. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t have caffeine, don’t eat [Read More]