Love struck or disaster about to strike…

Do you think you are a good judge of character or do you struggle to pick a good one?

Just out of curiosity, which of these following descriptions fits you when it comes to dating: ‘I am totally rational at all times in my decisions’, or ‘I will trust fate and see what happens’. How is either of these working out for you?

How do you currently identify people you like and people you don’t like? Are you rational in your judgements or more emotional? I bet you are a bit like me, I think I’m totally rational in all my decisions…

Does anyone really pick people rationally or trust in fate or is there more at play? The answer is both, for everyone, no matter how rational you think you are. Chemistry also has to play a part and shouldn’t be underestimated.

How would you feel if you got involved with a date and after a few weeks/months the person turns out to be someone different to who you thought they were?
Imagine the pain, wasted time, stress and just the plain old crap of a date turning sour.

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When we see a photo/video or meet someone for the first time, we are picking up lots of information that is subconsciously processed on the whole and then we make a decision – like/dislike.

Some of the information we process without thinking:

Age (ish)
Attractive to us or not
Significant aspects (Glasses, beauty spots, strong colours worn etc.)
Hair colour

Missing from this list is the type of person they are because mostly you just don’t know. Most people can’t tell anything from a photograph apart from the obvious above.

Understanding the type of person someone is can be really useful when you want to pick someone for a date or even a life partner…

Questioning someone can be intrusive and off-putting and they don’t always want to reveal some things in a new or blossoming relationship.

I have been studying the face, emotions, behaviour and personality for the last 15 years, around the world in 20 different countries.

The Face is a rich source of information if you understand what it reveals.

Combining my knowledge and expertise about the structure of the face and emotional expressions, I’ve created the Date Mapper™ so you can get some idea of who a person is, without them saying a word or them filling in a long questionnaire about themselves.

This is what I know without having met or interacted with this man or woman…

  • Has a laid-back attitude to life.
  • May have lots of projects on the go, but may not always complete them all.
  • A perfectionist in some circumstances.
  • A more formal approach will be better for him, rather than over-friendly straight from the off.
  • He will be determined to succeed in his chosen area of interest.
  • There is a strong element of sadness shown, he could be a morose person, or some strong loss is present with him.
  • He is a great socialiser.
  • Friendly type, right from the start, she will find it easy to meet new people.
  • A laid-back attitude and high levels of tolerance.
  • An inquisitive nature, curious about others.
  • Helpful and will bend over backwards for others if needed.
  • A sunny disposition and positive outlook as a whole.
  • Won’t be an over-sharer.
  • Maybe sensitive in some situations and will take any criticism of her appearance personally and will be upset by it.

Did you realise so much information is readily available without a person saying a word?
Remember no one, including me, is a mind reader. I never know what someone is thinking but there are personality, emotional, and behavioural traits that can be understood by reading a person’s face.

If you are currently thinking this is a load of bulls***, then you may be interested in the science that backs up the tools I use.

Since the time of Aristotle, scientists and philosophers have been fascinated by the relationship between an individual’s facial structure and behaviour. The study of the face is over 2,500 years old. In the 1930’s a judge observed the behavioural patterns in the people that appeared before him in court. He decided to pull a research project together and using the scientific principle’s already established Jones established 68 traits that on research testing gave 92% accuracy on personality.

The universality of facial expressions of emotion has been researched from the 1960s in-depth and it was found that there is a high cross-cultural agreement in judgements of emotion based on the 43 muscles of the face. There have been over 1000 scientific studies examining judgements of facial expressions and the results have been replicated many times over for 7 universal facial expressions of emotion – anger, fear, contempt, surprise, happiness, sadness, and disgust.

Whether you are born in Birmingham, Bolivia or even born blind we all display the same expressions for those 7 universal emotions. The triggers will be different for every individual but the muscle movements the same.

Behaviour-based actions are widely accepted by science, certain non-verbal communications have a high agreement amongst experts to interpret a certain behaviour. Context is key when understanding behaviour and there are cultural variations that need to be considered. Some psychologists say that when talking about emotions and feelings that the behaviour reveals more than words spoken.

For the Date Mapper™ I normally charge £125 for 5 different people that you are talking to, dating etc, to cover their personality, emotions and likely behaviours.

**For 20 Mama Life readers, I am offering a free report (1 person only in the report), test me! Please send a range of full front face photos (between 3 -5 images is ideal per person you are interested in knowing more about) to

Are you happy with your personal bio on dating sites?

If not send me your photos of your face and I will write your bio based on what your face reveals.

Personal Bio Mapper™ is normally £25 but for 10 Mama Life readers, I will do it for free! Email your photos to


Adrianne Carter is instrumental in developing cutting edge research methodologies to gain insight into emotion, personality and behaviour for the last 20 years.
Using techniques to go beyond what people say or can’t verbalise, to get to what they really feel or know.
Used to help brands, marketers, HR and others to uncover the truth and understand emotions, emotional connections and behaviour.

Adrianne started her own company to deliver high-end marketing analysis, training and keynote speeches.
Having worked with global brands Coca Cola, L’Oreal, Disney, Unilever, Samaritans and guest lectures on consumer psychology, Adrianne is also a regular contributor to The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Star, The Daily Mail and ITV’s This Morning as their expert for body language on news items.

Adrianne Carter
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