Home Workout Mania 2018

When you set off with a DVD, are you highly motivated after being in a place of pain? Maybe feeling unhealthy, wanting to lose weight or preparing for a holiday or a wedding? 

We’re into the third month of the new year already!!! Yes, the third month – have you achieved the goals you set out for this year? Have you set goals and started working towards them?
Eighty percent drop out of their New Year’s resolutions by February and only 8% stick to them, which is a 92% drop-out rate – that is astonishing!

Why is this?
Life gets in the way…work, kids, hectic lifestyles, and many other excuses. When we set a goal, we have a clear mind to do it – but then we forget our lifestyles are like a magnet pulling us back to where we are – they pull us back rather than let us move forward in life with work, health, relationships and exercise. So when it comes to getting fitter, lots of us set off to find an answer, which brings me to home fitness workouts. Coaches who train you while you watch them on tv, online or on a DVD…

Believe it or not, I am someone who has battled with my weight twice in my life and home workouts have never worked for me. I found I have to go somewhere and be pushed or maybe train with
somebody or a group to keep me going. But if you do not have the time to go somewhere, it may suit you to find time in your day to watch a DVD. I did not have the internet or DVDs back in my day – just the VHS video. Jane Fonda was the craze back then or you could watch a Rocky movie to get you motivated. Then came Mad Lizzy and Mr Motivator on GMTV. They would do their sessions each morning while you watched and took part. They had tight lycra or mad bright clothing and bizarre dress sense – these did not seem cool to me as I was a teenager back then. Many of us used to watch rather than participate.

The home workouts are choreographed by a top personal trainer and then they use the latest celebrity to promote them. We had celebrities like Jane Fonda on video, and Davina McCall who still
has some superb DVDs out now. We also have Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison or Charlotte Crosby. These ladies were getting smashed on alcohol and eating junk food on every episode and now they are showing off their new improved bodies. This is great if you watch lots of TV and you can see how well they have done possibly transforming their lives from a size 20 down to a 10 or 12-14. So, when you see how well they have done it makes you want to be like them. Yes?? They may not have 2-4 kids to run to school, cook dinners and keep a tidy house while balancing the many other things you do as a busy mum. Let’s face it, we do not make enough time for our exercise sessions.

When you set off with a DVD, are you highly motivated after being in a place of pain? Maybe feeling unhealthy, wanting to lose weight or preparing for a holiday or a wedding? Then the otivation is high and we are doing the workout 4 x week at the start when motivation is at its peak. In the second week, it becomes 2-3 x week, and then 1-2 x a couple of weeks after that.  Before you know it, you have stopped doing the workouts altogether. We are on the ‘tomorrow’ workout. The tomorrow workout is: let’s do it tomorrow but ‘tomorrow’ never comes.

Does this sound familiar?
I remember doing Insanity with Sean T (Insanity Instructor). Not sure if you have tried this? It was a 90-day workout that you had to do a different DVD every day for 6 days a week and then you did this for 90 days. Now I was a fit Personal Trainer when I first had a go at this 10 years ago. I was doing it with my business partner and fellow personal trainer and we were killing each other on the fitness tests and competing against each other, arguing on who was the best – but we found it tough and also very hard to do every day.

We are the motivated ones– what about the general public who have old injuries, movement restrictions or have not exercised for years? Some may not have exercised for 20+ years! If we found it tough, how did they find it? But, Insanity was the most popular home workout DVD for years and years and it cost £127. That is a lot of money if you are not using it. How many DVDs are sitting in your house doing nothing? Joe Wicks the Body Coach seems to be the craze at the moment with his YouTube workouts. He has 2 million followers on Instagram and a huge audience cooking from his bestselling ‘Lean In 15’ recipe books. This is great to follow but do you stick to it? Do the excuses start coming back after 2-6 weeks?

Life is hard, especially when you have had a bad night’s sleep, or worked really late to get this important deadline done or maybe the kids are ill – it’s so easy to drop out. Does this sound familiar? Yes, life gets in the way; we make excuses…the tomorrow workout that never happens. We all do it when we are motivated but who is motivated 4 days a week every week?

I can tell you who! I and my team of expert 1-1 trainers at Fit Camp UK. This is one of the reasons I set up Fit Camp UK so people could train with an expert 1-1 trainer at the fraction of
the cost of personal training.

I’m Dave Hughes, and I help people to transform their lives, body shape and fitness so that they can feel more confident in everything they do. If you are struggling with motivation or want help to achieve a healthy new you then get in touch.- 07966 638 009.


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