Do you ever feel yourself overwhelmed and exhausted from being a mum? Having no time to yourself? Feeling more and more drained as the day goes on and the week goes on…. Surviving on coffee and sugar – which brings its own slumps after surfing the wave!

Heard about Meditation and Mindfulness and all those other amazing “simple” tools that can “change your life” and “clear your energy blocks”? No idea how you’d fit them into your day?

Well, I’m here to help you and tell you the secrets to fitting them into your day! I’m Romella, a former-frazzled mum – although saying that I do have my moments of frazzle still (particularly when children are interrupting my sleep)! I’m an award-winning holistic and energy practitioner, author and mum to two. I teach tools to mums to help them bring balance and calm into their lives and their families.

Meditating is a fabulous tool but I agree – spending 30 minutes a day is a nigh-on possible mountain to climb. Especially when you’ve got small children that even follow you to the loo when you need a moment of alone-ness!

There is a way, so let me share some of my tips to get you on the track to Balance and Calm.

Firstly to benefit from any tool or to learn a new subject, you have to practice and DO IT! You will never speak Japanese fluently if you just hold the book! I know I’ve got a stack of self-help books sitting unread on my bookshelves. They won’t ever help me unless I read and implement their content (unless decluttering to the charity is helping me that is).

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So let’s start –

Do you breathe regularly? Yes? Perfect, that’s all you need to do to get started. It really is that simple – taking slow deep breaths and focusing on your breathing, or how your body feels is as simple as meditation gets. So, close your eyes with your feet flat on the floor and take a few deep breaths and see how you feel. You should be starting to relax and feel your shoulders drop. Doing this for a minute a few times a day can really help your inner calm to come through. Practice when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil, when Peppa Pig is on, in the shower… anywhere it’s safe for you to relax and focus just on your breathing.

Heard the buzzword of “mindfulness”? Sounds good but it must be complicated as so many books have been written on it? Wrong! It’s simply the process of focusing on the present moment – so focusing completely on what you’re doing, whether it’s on your breathing, meditation or when going for a walk. When you eat something, doing it in a mindful way would be to use all your senses – opening the wrapper (sound), smell, how does it feel when you bite into it, texture, melting (yep chocolate I’m talking about you), how do you feel? Enjoy the moment and the eating of it – don’t rush or feel guilty – that spoils the moment!

My favourite simple meditation is to sit with my feet flat on the floor, close my eyes and concentrate on my breathing. Feeling my shoulders relax and my stomach moves with each breath in and out. Then breathe in a colour (blue for peace & calm or pink for unconditional love). Feel the colour filling my body completely. Then on the out breath, I breathe out the colour into the room – creating a positive energy all around me, for everyone to experience.

Simples! Reach your Balance or Zen Point.

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The “Balance and Calm Toolkit for Frazzled Mums”, is available from Amazon. It has 160 tips and techniques, each that only takes a minute or five to bring you from frazzled to calm and in touch with your inner zen.
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