Hello there! I hope you are well today.

My family and I went on holiday to France a couple of years ago. We spent a lot of our time on holiday in the swimming pool.

One day my eldest daughter and I were swimming together and I challenged her to a race from one side of the pool to the other.

Ready, steady, go! We set off….now obviously I was going to let my daughter win but she made it fairly hard because she kept stopping to look over her shoulder and find out where I was.

She was so busy looking behind her, worrying about what I was doing and checking on my progress that she wasn’t moving forward herself much at all. After the third time of checking I said to her,

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“sweetheart stop looking behind you, look straight ahead and concentrate on going forwards”.

‘Nuff said huh? Stop looking behind you.Stop focusing on the past, stop being preoccupied with what the others behind you are doing. All that will do is hinder your own progress.

Look straight ahead and focus all your energy on your journey forwards.

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