Hello folks, hope you’re enjoying a lovely day.

I caught up with an old friend recently, it was lovely to see her but she spent a good amount of our time together telling me about all the things her husband doesn’t do. He doesn’t clean up after himself very often, he doesn’t do the washing, he doesn’t do the ironing, he doesn’t hoover, he doesn’t do the dishwasher as much as she would like him to, he doesn’t tidy things away in the way she does, he doesn’t buy her flowers, he doesn’t like doing some of the things she enjoys, etc. It was quite a long list of things he doesn’t do and they all irritated her.

After a while, I asked her what he DOES do. She was stumped. She had a think for a few minutes and then said,

“Well, he does play with the children, he does do the cooking a lot, he does do the bins more than me, and he does look after the finances…actually there’s quite a lot he does do.”

I suggested to her that she started to focus her attention on the things he does do. We all have our own particular strengths and interests, we all have things we are more drawn to doing.

Expecting someone else to do the things YOU want them to and then judging them for not doing them, is a tad unfair.

Today, make an effort to appreciate the things that the people around you DO instead of getting irritated by the things they don’t. It just feels better.


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