Lisa Morris is not a regular 48-year-old mother of three children.
There’s a thing that makes her special – she’s a psychic and natural healer.

When I was growing up I always felt like I was the odd one out. I always felt like I could stand my ground on my own. I have three sisters and had a happy childhood whilst growing up together,but I always felt different in some way, in a way of feeling protected but didn’t know who by. I was very close to my granddad throughout my life. I used to see things when I was younger, I just thought it was a fluke. I didn’t understand why.

I went through two quite traumatic marriages. When I left my first husband I met my friend Esther. At that time I was 20, she was only 16 and we were both going through a traumatic time in our lives. She helped me through the failure of my marriage and stayed with me for two years; we were like sisters.
Esther was also very spiritual and she used to see things. One night on 21st March 1992 she went out at 7 pm with her boyfriend to babysit for his brother. As she stood in the doorway, she thanked me for all the help I had given her. Then she woke up the children and told them to be good for me. And as she
walked out of the door she just said, “I love you, Lisa”. Later that night the police came to my door to tell me that she was killed in a car crash. This was very traumatic. It took me a lot of years to get over losing Esther.

In October the same year I was rushed into hospital with a bad asthma attack. I actually passed away but the doctors were able to bring me back and that’s when the spiritual haunting really started. I could hear walking, speaking and shouting in the nights. I was absolutely terrified and thought I was going mad. Even my family thought so. Except my grandad; he handed me a book written by Doris Stokes, the first famous psychic. He gave me the book and told me to read it, that it should help me in the future. He couldn’t tell me what was happening as I had to find out on my own.

The book was about psychics and their work, where spirits used to go to and things like that, but it was too unbelievable. After all the nightmares, I moved house because I couldn’t cope with the haunting, it was absolutely terrifying. I just lived on my nerves and I thought I must have done something bad in my past life for this to happen. However the things got worse when I moved. I didn’t want to be here…I just couldn’t live like that. I was asking myself what was going on. Why was this happening to me? It got to the point where my family really thought I was going mad.

Around that time I went to see a psychic myself as I could still hear voices but couldn’t see anybody. The psychic told me I could see things before they happened but I still couldn’t understand it. It was a very upsetting time and I felt so alone.
After the reading, I continued to live my life in that house for a couple of more years and then moved into a new house. This was the time when it all started again. I was in the bed, my door was shut and the lock was shuffling outside the door, so I just walked out and shouted to my son to get back into bed and stop messing around. But when I went to his bedroom, he was asleep. I told my daughter about the incident and she said, Mum, you’re going to see somebody. The next night when we went to bed, all three of us were in my bed we were too terrified to sleep on our own, then all of the sudden, the spirit lifted the bed up from the floor and was shaking the bed vigorously, shouting and screaming at us. I just shouted: Leave us alone, leave us alone! What have we done? After that night we were just wrecks and my daughter
couldn’t really cope with it. I talked to my grandad, and he said,

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‘Calm down, Lisa, I know everybody thinks you’re going mad but you’re not. You’re going to find out very soon why this has been happening.’

He couldn’t tell me because he said I had to find out myself.

A friend told me to contact this gentleman who lived in Gloucester. I phoned him up and he said I wasn’t going mad. We met in my house and we sat in the dining room. He walked around the house and when he came back to the dining room he said the house wasn’t haunted. He asked me if I knew what I am. I didn’t know what he meant. He explained that everything that was happening to me was because spirits were angry with me. They were trying to contact me and I wasn’t listening and that it wouldn’t stop until I accepted my gift. He also told me that I was psychic and a natural healer with power he hadn’t seen for the 13 years he had been a healer himself.

I accepted what I was, when I did everything calmed down. However, for about a month I closed myself off because I was too frightened. And then one day my mum came around for coffee and I sort of went into a trance. That was the day I started to see things from the past. I helped a lot of people not only with my healing side but also with my psychic side. People who are suicidal, anxious, people who are very depressed and they got better. It still amazes me how one person does all of this.

As I mentioned before, I was very close to my grandparents all my life, especially my grandad who passed around six years now. He was quite ill in the hospital when spirits told me to get him out, otherwise he would not be here for another day. Alarmed by the messages coming through I called my mum and told her to get my grandad out of the hospital. She took him home, to my uncle’s bungalow as he always wanted to spend his last days in a bungalow, it was his dream. I went to see him, he was repeatedly asking for me, “I need my Lisa”. He used to call my healing my magic and he begged me to save him. He grabbed my hands and pulled my face right next to his, looked me straight in the eyes and said “if anybody can save me, it’s you, and, I need to be with you”. The pressure I felt was immense, I left the room and slammed down to the floor. After I got myself together I managed to complete healing on him, he lasted another six months.

My grandad went into a coma on a Boxing Day night. And then on the 27th December, we had the priest and the whole family around. All of a sudden the spirit said to me,

‘Lisa, you have to go away, your love is keeping him here. You’ve got to go home and help me from your house. You can’t help me from here; you’re too strong and he can’t go while you’re in the room.’

Everybody said their goodbyes, and only my nan and my grandad’s son and three daughters stayed with him. I was the last one to leave. I was home for a couple of hours and I was just sitting there, looking at my watch. It was 8:20 pm and all of a sudden I just took a deep breath and I went, ‘Grandad, your mum’s here and the golden gates of heaven have opened. Hold her hand.’ By 9pm, my dad called me to say my grandad passed at 8:20pm.

After my grandad passed I couldn’t hear spirits for about 6/7 months because I couldn’t cope with the loss, I was grieving, I shut down. But I still felt him around me, his energy telling me that I can do it, people need me. This sense of encouraging energy helped me carry on and made me stronger

My visions are like having a blank canvas that you are focusing on. The more you focus, the more of the picture will they create for you. I can see them sometimes physically, too. They do come in and because I ‘m also a healer I can feel spirits’ emotions. They will tell me what exactly happened in their life, how they passed and everything. Some of the spirits are lost, some come for help and some just want to pass messages onto their loved ones.

If somebody wants to hear from their loved one, I will just tune in my mind and ask the spirit to come through. Now I can do this instantly. I can get spirits to come through the majority of the time but not always. Believe it or not some people come to me just to test me. They come with a wall around them. Just imagine you have a massive brick wall in front of you and you have to get through it. So by the time I bash down the mental wall, I’m too exhausted so my guides would say no to the reading.

Archangel Michael and Goddess Isis are two of my guides and their job is to protect me. When I’m doing the reading I have to ground myself to the positive energy so nothing can touch me. I have to ask my guides to place a protective golden bubble around me so if there’s anything that comes around like that it will bounce off my bubble so it won’t affect me as a person. I have to do this every day, every time I walk out of my house.

The Christmas time is when I say to my guides,

‘Let’s have two weeks’ break – you’re tired, I’m tired and I won’t feel a thing.’

There’s not a lot psychics that can do platform work, because they get scared. My grandad always used to say, you have to entertain the crowd you have to make them laugh as well as cry. What I’ll do is, I’ll say there’s a gentleman here and give some information that the spirit gives me. This gives me that one person I’m going to talk to. I explain to them everything from their past to their future and the things only they and the spirit would know. But what makes me unique is that I’m the only one doing a journey on psychic nights. At the beginning of the night, I take the whole audience on a beautiful journey. I say, close your eyes, listen to the music and I talk them through it. This helps them to release the negativity they’re holding. Then I get them to hold a picture frame and paint a picture of their future and dreams in it. Then I bring their loved one to them so they can talk. My audience laugh as well as cry, it’s an emotional experience that connects them with their loved ones.

It’s not all about being psychic, it’s all about the experiences we have through life. I absolutely love my job; it’s the best thing ever.

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