Hitting a Milestone

It is funny how different milestones have the various effect that ends up with you doing unpredictable things that surprise you in more ways than one.

When we are in our TWENTIES we go through thoughts of being single to being married or in a permanent relationship. This brings on many changing habits from teething troubles to adjustments for long-term commitments. Where will we live: his, mine or new?

In our THIRTIES it’s about where our career is. The idea of having children or not and can we cope with such things like school runs, dinner times, shopping, appointments, school meetings etc. Do we get enough time for a personal chill-out? In most cases, we are so busy running our children around that we forget to make an effort in our own appearance.
Life seems to be rushed all the time.

In our FORTIES having done the children bit, we succumb to the scary thoughts on where to go with our career, especially if you have taken a lot of time out. We might be hitting the ‘lack of confidence’ buttons, reflecting on our skills and whether they are up to date. Do we have to be re-trained to catch up with a fast-changing workplace?
Change in lifestyle and reinventing ourselves through these milestones is a real test of our strengths and weaknesses. We ask ourselves many questions like: Who do we go to for inspiration? Who do we reach out to for a personal chat? What books should we read to help us keep ‘with it’? How accurate is online learning?

So many things go through our minds at such speed that it may be difficult to make decisions. My advice to people going through life’s milestones and challenges is to be with people and socialise more: dance, smile and try new things and help others in some way that adds value to their lives. It will give you a sense of achievement and the rest will fall into place. Expect a weaning-in and -out of these milestones and do so at your own pace. Above all, have the desire to make the necessary changes.

By Ghazala (Gaz) JABEEN

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