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3 months into my diet

I heard Nicky shout out my name.‘Congratulations goes out to Natasha. Everyone give Natasha a really big clap…she’s lost a fabulous 3 stone in 16 weeks.’
I could hear everyone clapping and shouting “well done” as I walked up to Nicky to get my 3 stone certificate. This one meant more to me than the 1st stone and 2nd stone certificates. Those had seemed to come off quite quickly, but to get to this 3 stone loss was bloody hard.

The previous four weeks I’d had a 1 1/2 lb loss, a 1lb loss, a ½ lb loss and the week before I’d stayed the same. I had worked really hard, so what was going wrong?
I came home that night after staying the same and felt so deflated, and the smell of that chippy that night was yummmmm. So nice. It was even more tempting than it had been before. I stood there and thought, ‘I could devour chips, fish & mushy peas! Sod this. What’s it all for? Am I any happier than I was before’? I wasn’t happier, but I did feel better.

I’d come up with a countdown a month into my diet.If I fancied something naughty to eat I’d think about it whilst counting to 10, and most of the time by the time I’d hit 10, I didn’t want it anymore.

I got ready to go to diet class that day and I thought,‘If I don’t get my 3 stone tonight I’m jacking it in’.It was now starting to make me miserable.
I drove to diet class, sat in the car and took a deep breath. In I went again, nervously waiting in the queue. I met my friend Faye there; she was doing well. We supported each other on this journey. She asked me how I’d done that week. I said, ‘Ok, I’ve stuck to plan’. Then Nicky called me over to the scales.
‘Hop on then, let’s see how you’ve done.’
‘I’ve bloody done it!’

After Nicky presented me with my 3 stone certificate, I held on to it like it was gold. Nicky always did a group chat after weigh in and certificates were handed out. I didn’t take in what she was saying, I just sat there staring at ‘3 stone’ written on that priceless piece of paper.

How I had nearly given in!!

Afterwards, I sat in my car crying. I called my friend Sam. ‘I’ve done it!’ I cried down the phone. ‘I got my 3 stone, mate!’ ‘That’s fantastic, well done,’ she said.
I got home and stuck my certificate on my fridge the others. It reminded me every time I went to the fridge how far I’d come, and how close I had been to giving up.
Now the hard part begins. It’s becoming harder, the more I lose!!

Out with the size 28 clothes and in with some new…


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