Author – Jude Lenon

“Floga with Flossie – what is that?”“Come to the field and see.
Don’t forget your gym kit. I’ll see you there at three.”

Join Flossie and her friends as they find out how to get fit, feel better and disco
dance all night. This charming book helps children realise the importance
of keeping fit, exercise, team work,helping friends and having fun.

Available from Amazon.

Jude Lennon is a children’s author and storyteller.
For more information please visit
www.facebook.com/JudeLennonAuthor or www.littlelambpublishing.co.uk


Author – P N Burrows

Masterfully crafted by P.N. Burrows, the
‘Mineran’ series takes the magic and allure of North Wales, and morphs it into a powerful
fiction/sci-fi series unlike anything else on the market. The first two volumes, ‘Mineran
Influence’ and ‘Mineran Conflict’ are already on the market – sending a bruised former soldier on a new mission that will test the core of his very existence.

Both instalments became instant hits, averaging a coveted five stars on Amazon.







Author – Lorna McCann

Looking for a new bedtime story for your children? Then look no
further than Wendy and the Biscuit Tree written by Lorna McCann.
This magical tale of friendship and discovery follows the journey of
Wendy – the smallest giraffe in the woods. Fed up of being teased
over her height, one day she discovers an enormous biscuit tree which means
she will never go hungry again!

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Author – Estelle Maher

Estelle’s debut novel is a funny and at times heartbreaking story of what could happen once your life has ended. She explores and questions what we deem as fate and the afterlife and how someone can have such a profound impact on your life. The characters are well written and we fall in love with them instantly.

Can Grace help Crowley be with his family while she gets her own life back on track?

It takes a very sure hand to take a genre like this and Estelle has created something refreshing and new, and that is precisely what this author has done with this unputdownable read!










Author – Isabella Davidson

When Sophie Bennett moves from a quiet, sleepy suburb of Toronto to glitzy west London, she doesn’t know where she has landed: Venus or Mars. Her three-year-old daughter Kaya attends Cherry Blossoms, the most exclusive nursery in London, where Sophie finds herself adrift in a sea of Alpha mums. These mothers are glamorous, gorgeous, competitive and super rich, especially Kelly, the blonde, beautiful and bitchy class rep.

Struggling to fit in and feeling increasingly isolated, Sophie starts The Beta Mum, an anonymous blog describing her struggles with the Alpha mums. But when her blog goes viral, she risks ruining everything for herself and her daughter. How long will it be until they discover her true identity? Is her marriage strong enough to survive one of her follower’s advances? And will she ever fit in with the Alpha mums?

‘…Intelligent, thought-provoking fiction that you want to keep reading… I completely bought into Sophie. I wanted to give her a hug. It’s a couple of days since I finished the book, but I keep wondering how she’s getting on. She’s not alone though – all the characters come off the page and into your life. It’s a great story too: I read it in a couple of sittings. It would have been one, but work was particularly demanding!’ Sue Magee, The Book Bag




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