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Natasha’s Blog

March 14, 2018 Natasha Inan 0

Natasha’s Blog   My Personal Blog – My journey to find Me 18 Months into my diet … Sadly I hit that brick wall that I was dreading, as you read in the last blog I [Read More]

Emotional Health

Switch off The Auto Pilot

June 12, 2017 Toni Mackenzie 0

If you’ve been following my column so far you’ll already be aware, from issue one, of the ‘inner critic’ living inside your head and how to begin to control it with the ‘Thought Stopping Exercise’. [Read More]

cervical screening

The SMEAR of Life

June 12, 2017 Alex Sullivan 0

The SMEAR of Life I spend a great deal of my day-to-day professional career reacting to incidents and “fire fighting” due to people making choices that result in ill health and wellbeing. Cervical Screening being [Read More]