Of late I find one of the most talked and asked about anti-ageing treatments of the moment is Platelet Rich Plasma – PRP also known as the ‘Vampire Facelift’ made famous by many a celeb social media photos which at times I’ve thought may be better suited to Halloween (Yes I’m talking about Kim K!!). Although PRP is relatively new in aesthetic medicine it has effectively been used to treat sports injury, ulcer treatments, dentistry and orthopaedics throughout the past decade. Literature demonstrates the ability of PRP to cause stimulation and acceleration of bone and soft tissue healing and rejuvenation.

PRP is essentially a ‘medical facial’ which uses your own blood to help promote the healthy activity of your skin cells. Our platelets are rich in growth factors which act as energy boosters for our
skin. This helps our skin function at its optimum, encouraging healing and replenishing, increasing collagen and elastin, all the things that make our skin appear healthy and youthful. For some clients, it is a preferred, more natural and safer alternative to Dermal fillers which have their own risks and complications, particularly in the under eye area. What can be safer than injecting the best bits of your own blood back into your body?

PRP benefits:

•Improved skin texture and tone
•Refinement of signs of ageing, lines, spots, pigmentation
•Reduction of dark circles
•Reduction of scars (acne, stretch marks)
•Gradual increase in skin thickness and vitality

The Process

Your blood is taken much like a normal blood test, this is relatively painless and quick. Your blood is placed in a centrifuge (a machine which spins really quickly) which separates the clear platelet rich plasma from the rest of the blood’s components. The Platelet-rich plasma is drawn up into numerous syringes with very fines needles and these can then be injected directly into areas of concern, for example under eye area, around the lips necklines, décolletage, and even into backs of hands. The platelets work by initiating a healing response and attracting stem cells, stimulating the collagen and rejuvenation.


Results and treatment regimes

Results will start to be seen from around 2-4 weeks, with improvement being seen up to 10 months. A 35 year old interested in rejuvenation and maintenance could be treated once a year. a50 year old with clear wrinkles may need a course of 3-4 treatments within 3-4 months.

Side effects
•Any side effect will be temporary but may include:
•Bruising, swelling and redness
•Bruising at the site of venepuncture

My PRP experience

My personal rule has always been to try treatments before offering them to my clients so that I feel I know what to expect. Numbing cream was applied for approximately 30 mins prior to treatment. Pain wise I felt was minimal, I have found Dermal Fillers more painful (there is no sting from your own plasma)! I focused on my under eye area, the skin around my lips and in particular my neck which I feel had prematurely aged from eczema and excessive steroid cream use. The treatment took around 15-20 minutes. The practitioner used a combination of injections and micro needling. The plasma, which is clear was smoothed into the skin and I was advised to leave this on for the rest of the day. I left the clinic with a shiny clear looking skin, no need to leave with a bloodstained face as seen on Instagram, this it would seem is more for effect and has absolutely no bearing on the results. The next day I noticed I had a slightly swollen eye area and a little bruise on my left cheek which lasted around a week, my skin looked a little red where I had micro needling. Now 4 weeks later I have noticed my skin overall looks fresher, I have improved skin texture and tone, my under eye area there is a reduction in dark circles, it is fuller, with less fine lines that toxin often does not help. The dry/damaged skin above my lips and neck area looks much healthier and hydrated, and my neck, in particular, looks less lined. This may well be my new favourite treatment. It isn’t, however, a quick fix treatment that toxin and Dermal Fillers may be, but is a fantastic treatment for skin rejuvenation.

PRP for treatment of Hair Loss

PRP is now a widespread and well-established procedure in all cases of alopecia and male pattern baldness. Published studies are providing increasingly stronger evidence of the beneficial effects of PRP treatment on hair re-growth. PRP injected into the dermal layer of the scalp where hair is thinning, platelet activation occurs resulting in granule stimulation and growth factor release at the level of the follicles. Advised treatment: a course of 6, 1 month apart with 3-6 monthly ongoing treatments.

The Science and The How?

Upon injection, the platelets form a bio-active platform of fibrin, clot. Followed by the release of numerous active protein that facilitates the wound healing cascade, stem cell proliferation and tissue remodelling. These proteins are concentrated growth factors that are released by the platelets to the treated area. Growth factors when released are known to promote:
•Tissue repair
•Angiogenesis (capillary formation)
•Collagen production

Gemma Smith RNBSc INP is a Registered Prescribing Nurse with over 15 years clinical experience and 7 years in Aesthetics. Gemma specialises in advanced Wrinkle Reducing Injections and Dermal
Filler treatments, PRP treatments and Chemical Skin Peels. Clinics available in Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Hinckley and Warwick.

For further information or to book in for a free consultation, please ring Gemma Smith on 07966617254 or find her on Facebook & Instagram ‘Gemma Smith Aesthetics

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