Each and every day I see something new and wonderful and each and every time it is through nature that I see it, an expression of my feelings that is in tune with the expression of nature.

Fairies (faeries) and fairytales have been around for 4000 years. In 2015 Durham University produced a paper on a study examining the origins of fairytales. It was found using a study on Phyogenetic Linguistics (a study of the same words used in different languages) that the origins of the tales themselves reach as far back as the Bronze Age 2000 BC with the oldest amongst these being Rumpelstiltskin.

Fairy Places

Fairy forts, Fairy rings and Fairy paths (or the Anglo Saxon deada waeg) dominate our landscape. In Ireland even today, builders and planners still avoid fairy sites, as they know it will cause trouble because fairies dislike human interference in their orderly ways.

Do not disturb the little people they often will say.

There are thousands of fairy sites scattered all across Britain. Fairy forts (or raths or lois) in particular are found to be earthwork mounds often on a knoll and surroundedby thorny bushes. They are still in situ after thousands of years.

Old Yew Tree
Fairy Gateway









Faerie People

Faeries dwell in hidden places such as ancient trees like the Yew and in sacred places such as the standing stones and stone rows that are found everywhere upon this Isle.

They live in harmony and can be mischievous but not evil, and they try to live alongside us in harmony.The true terminology for these little folk (to those in the know) relates the term ‘an eerie’ place deriving from the real name of Faire or Faerie place.

We can communicate with them, but only if you know how and they don’t take kindly to disturbance upon which they dwell, these are magical folk and are to be respected otherwise they will show muster up chaos so you won’t be able to tell.

The Fairy beings don’t like to be seen and will only slightly reveal themselves in nature out of the corner of your eye, every now and then when the veil between worlds becomes thin and if you are lucky enough you might,
just might catch a glimpse….

And if you do, you have entered the world of the faeries….

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