About us…

Welcome to Mama Life Magazine

A Parenting & Lifestyle magazine that has been created by modern mums for the modern mum of the 21st century.

Let us introduce ourselves…

A little bit about us…Mama Life Magazine has been created by mum-of-three Natasha Inan, from Lichfield, and mum-of-two Meral Mehmet, from Burton-upon-Trent, we felt there was a gap in the market for a magazine discussing the real issues facing mums. And we all know sometimes we feel like we are climbing a never-ending mountain..!

As close friends, we would discuss the issues that 21st century women face as they get older, such as weight, dieting and exercise, what products to use, the best hair colours and cuts, issues we have with children at primary school and going through to high school, the struggles of juggling work and childcare, or being a stay-at-home mum and so on. There seemed to be plenty out there for mums with babies, but nothing for parents of older children.

We feel that as a generation of our age women we seem to be a little forgotten, we actually call ourselves the “INBETWEENERS” we fit into the role of Mum, Wife, Daughter but sometimes forget about ME.

Our magazine was created, for this reason, to focus on being REAL, to bring to light life’s issues that we all face, to bring age-appropriate fashion and beauty, we focus on health and mental well-being, food, travel, pets, money, astrology and the list goes on. It is jam-packed with editorial content which every one of us can relate to.

We have brought several professionals on board, such as well-known International Chef Simon Smith and the No1 Best Selling author Christie Barlow, with many other Professional contributors in their field who will be sharing their articles throughout the editions.

Mama Life Magazine has grown from strength to strength since launching our 1st edition in February 2017. It’s crazy how an idea, has now become a magazine that is being read both nationally and internationally. It makes our very long days of work and parenting all the more worthwhile.

The magazine is free and distributed in certain areas of Staffordshire although we do have a subscription which only cost £16.50 annually. All our articles as you will see if you have a browse are also on our website. You can also follow us on our social media channels Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

And finally, whether it’s at home or your place of work it looks great sitting on your coffee table..! And it really is a great Parenting & Lifestyle read.