13 Ways To Save Money

By Ashley Bayliss

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Energy prices to soar by 54% on average from April

1. Turn your thermostat down by one degree

Flicking your thermostat dial down from 25 to 24 degrees could save households across the UK £800 million.
Another myth busted is that it’s cheaper to have the heating on low all the time. Apparently, 46 per cent of us believe it to be true but it’s not.

According to the Energy Saving Trust again, you can make £150 per year by using a thermostat to regulate the temperature.

2. Change your lightbulbs

You don’t exactly need to have a lightbulb moment to know that switching to efficient LED bulbs – or better yet, smart lighting and bulbs that are easy to switch on and off from your phone.

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3. Stop leaving tech on standby

One way in which EVERYONE (both owners and renters) can save cash is by doing one simple thing with our appliances – and it could save some of us hundreds of pounds. This simple thing is switching off unused appliances and devices in our homes.

Home energy-saving firm Loop has compiled data that proves homeowners and renters could save an average of £140 on their annual energy bills this year, while some could save as much as £450.

4. Don’t overfill the kettle

Time for a cuppa? Stop filling the kettle up to the brim – and don’t be one of the 23 per cent that re-boils the kettle. Boiling more water than necessary each time could set you back £36 a year, based on calculations from the Energy Saving Trust.

5. Cover your pans

Make sure you put the lid on saucepans so your food cooks quicker, and turn off the heat on the stove a few minutes before you’re ready. Don’t worry, things will keep cooking under the residual heat, and this will save energy little and often.

6. Swap the shower head

Next, is a clever shower room idea. Four in five of us (81 per cent) believe showers use less water than baths. Yet your power shower could be drenching you with 50 litres of water more than you’d put in a bath.

The Energy Saving Trust predicts that a water-efficient shower head could save a household up to £195 a year. And one minute less in the shower could save you up to £80 annually.

7. Install a smart meter

As part of a government scheme all energy supplies now install smart meters, at no extra cost, to help you keep track of what you are spending. Monitoring your daily household usage will help you be mindful of energy consumption – helping reduce how much we use and therefore costs.

8. Invest in a tumble dryer ball

While a smart utility room is a luxury we’d all love, there can be hidden costs – particularly if you’ve installed a tumble dryer. On rainy washdays, it can guzzle plenty of energy while tumbling towels and sheets to fluffy and soft perfection.

But did you know a tumble dryer ball can help? The ingenious balls create space between the laundry, airing them and helping reduce the time needed in the dryer.

9. Bleed your radiators

Not feeling the benefit of your central heating system? You could be wasting money. Check your radiators are in good working order. If the top of a radiator feels cooler than the bottom then it probably needs bleeding to get rid of trapped air.

10. Use your dishwasher’s eco function

One of the most helpful household appliances in a busy family home, a dishwasher costs around £53 a year to run.

11. Keep your hob clean

On average an electric hob costs around £44 a year. However, any burnt-on food or grease on the hob will absorb the heat making it less efficient.

12. Leave your blinds and curtains open longer in summer

During the summer, make the most of the sun’s heat and natural light.

13. Look at your other household bills.

There are £1000s of savings hidden in your other regular bills, Broadband, Mobiles Insurance. 80% of UK households are victims of what is known as Loyalty Tax.

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