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By Lucy Eastment

The Power of Wearing Colour – A Stylist’s Guide 

Wearing colour truly makes a difference in how you look and feel. As a Stylist I see clients transform during my Colour Analysis appointments when they see their wow colours. They are the shades that are the most flattering to you that make your eyes pop, your skin glow and can make you look slimmer & look younger!

Wearing certain colours can not only boost your mood but also affect the energy, stress levels & behaviour of those around you.

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Here’s a quick guide to what each colour represents:

Red – power, passion, strength

Blue – calming, loyalty, stability

Green – luck, healing, balance

Yellow – hope, joy, optimism

Purple – ambition, wisdom, regal

Pink – love, compassion, feminine

Orange – warmth, energy, optimism

White – simplicity, purity, innocence

Black – dramatic, elegance, mystery

Grey – independent, professional, reliable

Often colours are going to have different meanings to people based on their own lives and experiences but knowing these psychological meanings of colour can help you to focus on how you feel and how you want to project yourself.

1. Green Court Shoe, £85, Dune London • 2. Blue Satin Bag, £65, Dune London • 3. Blue Borg Shacket, £38, AnyDay at John Lewis • 4. Hoop Earrings, £29.95, Seol& Gold • 5. Green Dress, £79, M&S • 6. Blue Teddy Coat, £38, Matalan • 7. Green Leopard Mini Dress, £49, Dancing Leopard • 8. Pink Trainers, £9, F&F at Tesco • 9. Sherbert Bambino Cardigan, £45, Dancing Leopard • 10. Pink & Orange Stripe Jumper, £36, Lipsy • 11.Rainbow Stripe Knitted Cardigan, £34, Lipsy • 12. Pink Boilersuit, £89.50, Oliver Bonas • 13. Pink Square Neck Blouse, £14, George at Asda • 14. Lilac Hoody, £12, Matalan • 15. Red Super Soft Knitted Hat, £22, Oliver Bonas • 16. Rose Printed Bomber Jacket, £99.99, TKMaxx • 17. Red Trainers, £85, Dune London • 18. Yellow Hooded Padded Jacket, £80, Superdry at Very • 19. Purple Bag, £22, Daisy Park

Written By: Lucy Eastment

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