Fight or Flight- so what’s next?

Are you suffering from the effects of the recent lockdown and are you lacking energy and motivation? They are much needed for getting you back on track for your business or job role. According to a recent survey, over a third of us are feeling lethargic and lacking direction.

There’s a variety of reasons for the lethargy, and different people have been affected in different ways, but one of the main causes is anxiety and stress from the uncertainty of the situation. We generally like to have some type of routine and understanding of a regular life. Have you been staying up really late watching Netflix and have you been lying in late? Or perhaps you have been having conversations with negative people. These will all affect your motivation and focus.

Well, the starting point for re-engaging our motivation is to accept that there is no certainty and if we are true to ourselves, we would acknowledge that there never has been and there never will be. This might sound a bit dramatic but once you and I accept this as a fact, it can remove a heavy burden from our shoulders. This removes the sense of loss that we have associated with the current pandemic. The truth is, we are fragile and we live in a fragile and unpredictable world, and accepting this is the first step back into some form of normality.

Focusing on the now will help us to look at what we can do in the present time to improve our thoughts. Don’t worry about the future, focus on the here and now and what you actually can control.

A key component is your wellbeing.

So it is time to make changes and take time for yourself; find a quiet place where you can be at peace and be grateful for what you already have. Consider some of the positive aspects of the lockdown. Personally, I have used this time to declutter cupboards in my home, work in the garden and spend more quality time with my close family. It has also given me time to personally regroup and work on my business, which has included updating general administration, and resetting my goals and intentions for the post-lockdown period. It is good to be mindful of the old saying,

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‘a cluttered closet is a cluttered mind’

Are you working in a team or as an employer? Discussing staff wellbeing issues in an emphatic manner is a great starting point as well as being open to new ways of working or completing tasks. I have no doubt that many of the remote working procedures that have been created by many organisations will be maintained if required. The key here for both employers and employees is to be flexible and not just try and return to the old ways. Could processes and procedures be improved to actually make things easier for everyone?

‘Early to bed, early to rise’

Feeling sorry for yourself or getting angry about the situation will not help you get your mojo back. You need to take positive action steps. This means making a conscious decision to stop listening to the daily news bulletins. Be more disciplined and turn the television and mobile phone off and get to bed early! When you get to bed early you will get up early and you will find it a lot easier to get out and exercise. Exercise and getting a healthy intake of vitamin D will improve your immune system significantly. Walking just 20 minutes a day will help increase your motivation and regarding your diet eating healthy food is essential to your overall health as well as drinking water more regularly.

Resetting and realigning your goals

Having a sense of purpose is very important. This is a good time to re-evaluate what you would like to achieve. Goals are not meant to be set in stone; they will change as the circumstances change around them. This could be a great time to realign yourself to your goals. Be careful who you share goals with and who you spend time with. Seek out positive, energetic people and their positivity will rub off on you, and stay away from the negative naysayers.

Finally, take small well-defined steps

There is no need for us to suffer unnecessarily, taking action steps on any of the previous mentioned tips will improve your health and well-being. Don’t beat yourself up over what you haven’t done, focus on what you have done and be grateful for what you have. I promise you, you really will feel the difference.

Written by Jackie Cummins
Business Coaching, Career Coaching and Personal Development

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Jackie Cummins
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