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As we approach the Festivel Season

December 12, 2017 Wendy Capewell 0

  As we approach the Festive Season As we approach the festive season expectations increase •To have the best time ever •Affording the biggest, most expensive presents for everyone •That it’s a happy event with family [Read More]

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Let the FESTIVITIES begin

December 12, 2017 Susan Leigh 0

Let the FESTIVITIES begin The run-up to Christmas and all its festivities seems to begin earlier each year and we can gradually see its message of love and family celebration being lost under the deluge of [Read More]

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The Dating Game

April 10, 2017 Alex Sullivan 0

The Dating Game With an increasing number of forty-somethings entering into their 5th decade of life looking for new partners to share the next 40 or so years with, it seems appropriate to look at [Read More]


Renewing Your Wedding Vows

February 12, 2017 Wendy Capewell 0

I’m noticing a trend towards couples renewing their wedding vows more recently. From celebrities to friends and acquaintances, they all seem to be doing it. So, it got me thinking about their reasons. Can you [Read More]