My eldest daughter has a bit of an obsession with the monkey bars. She’s been attempting to master them for about a year now. To start with, she could just about hang on to the first one before dropping to the ground. Gradually she managed to swing to the second one before dropping and so on.

It’s taken a while. She has experienced variousemotions throughout her monkey bar journey, frustration, fear, anger and jubilation to name but a few. She has never given up and we have encouraged her, praised her efforts and assured her that she absolutely can do it. Whenever we go to a park, the first thing she asks is if there are monkey bars there and can she go on them. They are the first thing she runs to and has a go on. She has been utterly
determined to master them.

A little while ago we went to the park and suddenly she managed to swing all the way across, no fuss, no nonsense. She was so pleased with herself, it had finally all clicked into place; she got her technique right and it now works every time.

Let me summarise the analogy for you:

“If there is something you want, keep going, allow yourself to experience all the emotions involved, learn from them, be determined, tell yourself how well you are
doing. It might take longer than you think but believe you can get there”
You can…

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